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3 steps to Buy and store Bitcoin anonymously.

3 steps to Buy and store Bitcoin anonymously.

July 3, 2018 7:51 am,

Bitcoin is often described as a “fully anonymous” Cryptocurrency. Transaction histories are fully visible in an online ledger called the “blockchain.”  There is a number of ways of buying and storing Bitcoin anonymously. These practices help in shielding transactions from government spies and other malicious people.

  • Step 1:- Hold your own Bitcoin.

Don’t keep your Bitcoin on an exchange such as Coinbase. These sites store your identity and may share it with law enforcement agencies. Instead, set up a Bitcoin “wallet”—a digital wallet that enables you to send or receive Bitcoin in a peer-to-peer fashion, directly from your own computer. These wallets have public as well as private key. It actually stores the address of digital currency, its private key or password and keeps the records of transactions. Tails Linux operating system helps create a fresh, anonymous session for next time. Electrum is an excellent Bitcoin wallet that comes preinstalled on Tails Linux. Supplement it with a hardware USB device like a TREZOR or a Ledger Nano S, which add additional security layers that make it harder for an attacker to steal your Bitcoin.

  • Step 2:- Buy Bitcoin in Person.

Begin the purchasing procedure with the anonymous Tor web program, which comes preinstalled on Tails Linux. Explore to to search for a close-by Bitcoin vender. Try not to utilize your personal email record to enroll. You can produce a new, mysterious email address utilizing an administration like

Meet your dealer where there is an open Wi-Fi organize. Bring your device, and pay with money. Once you’re there, with a click of the mouse in your Bitcoin wallet, you can produce a “receiving address” an alphanumeric code that might be called a bank directing and account number which the vender can enter or filter into his or her wallet to execute the exchange.

  • Step 3:- Bury Your Trail with a Bitcoin Mixer

To unclear the movement of your funds, use a Bitcoin “mixing” service. These are websites that accept your Bitcoin and send you back different Bitcoin that have no connection to your previous activities. It’s like swapping cash for bills with different serial numbers. It generally sends the “clean” coins back to you in multiple transfers over a different time period.

The first step is to use your Bitcoin wallet to generate several receiving addresses. Enter your receiving addresses into the mixer’s website so it knows where to send your money when the time comes. Next, enter the receiving address of the mixer service into your Bitcoin wallet. Execute the transfer. Mixers are an important tool for covering your tracks.